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Expressing our Divinity

We are complex beings with significant abilities that we are hiding in the depths of our consciousness. We’ve designed our current self to be unaware of our true Being, until the time when we are ready to complete our foray into low-vibration environments. Many factors suggest that this is the time. The Shumann Resonance Graph, which measures the vibratory frequency and intensity of our living, conscious planet, is rising in amplitude, frequency and intensity, octave by octave. Historically measuring 7.83 cycles per second, it is moving up in four octaves to around 24 cycles per second. Physicists don’t know how high it will go, but probably beyond 40. At such vibrations, all conscious life on Earth will need to be transformed in consciousness, in order to resonate with the vibratory frequency of the planet. Humanity cannot overcome the energy patterns of the Earth, and we must align with them or go somewhere else.

In addition to the increasing resonant vibratory patterns of the Earth, we are now enveloped in a cloud of conscious photons, which are high-vibration sub-atomic entities. We are also receiving more gamma ray blasts of photons from the sun and beyond, which have the ability to change our DNA. This is beginning to transform our physical cellular structure into higher-dimensional, regenerated bodies. All of these things are indications that personal transformation and expanding consciousness is where we’re going. We need to remember who we are, from before our incarnation into limited awareness.

Without our physical bodies, we are just a Self-aware presence of Being with unlimited creative abilities. We’ve created ourselves into our current situation, and now we can create ourselves out of it. Although some of us have been under technological control by dark entities, this arrangement cannot continue to exist, as the vibrations continue to rise.

We have absolute control over our mental and emotional processes and states of being. These are our creative tools. We can imagine wonderful scenarios and feel ourselves being in them, experiencing joyful and loving interactions. Through our attention, our mental and emotional processes vibrate at the frequencies that we feel and imagine. This vibratory pattern attracts resonant frequency patterns in the quantum field for us to experience. We can keep creating higher and higher frequency patterns that stimulate greater loving and joyous feelings, which bring expanding conscious awareness of our Selves, our eternal true Being.

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