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Exploring the Essence of Who We Are

We have lived in our ego-consciousness for eons, as if this is our total reality. Although we have expressed ourselves as our individual human conscious self, this living being is only an extension of our true Self, our Great Spirit. Beyond our human self, we are Self-Realized infinite awareness. We are our limitless conscious presence, potentially aware of the awareness of all conscious beings everywhere. We have also lived without knowledge of our infinitely-powerful creative ability; however, there is nothing keeping us from knowing who we are and what we’re capable of, except our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Our limiting beliefs are so deeply ingrained in our consciousness, that we have not even been aware that they may not be real. We have not imagined that we are immortal, because we do not have empirical proof of it. Of course, empirical proof is impossible, unless we die and return to our body, as some have done and reported their experiences of greatly-expanded awareness. Once we realize that we may be greater than we have believed, how do we resolve our limitations and transcend them?

The real question is how do we really know anything? We have beliefs about what is real, but what is their basis? Because of the way that our consciousness interprets the spectrum of energies that we recognize as empirical, we have believed that the empirical world is what is real. Now we know that it is all patterns of energy, and these are part of a much larger spectrum of energies that we keep ourselves from being aware of.

There is an aspect of our psyche that is unlimited, and that is available to our limited awareness. It is our intuition, and it is the source of everything that we truly know. Beyond what we have been taught, and what we have perceived, we have an inner knowing. It is different from what anyone else knows. It is our connection with our own infinite Being, and it knows everything about us.

In our true Self, we live in the consciousness of the Creator of all, and we share in the Being of the Creator. Once we transcend the limitations of the ego and its perspective of separation from the divine, we have unlimited creative power available to us. By our intentional sensitivity to our intuition, we can expand our Self-awareness. We can examine our limitations in the light of our intuitive knowing, and we can hold the intention to be so much more than we have been, by receiving intuitive awareness of the presence of unconditional love and joy in our lives.

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