Exploring Our Unknown Consciousness

Beyond our ego-consciousness, our unique personality, each of us exists as a magnificent Being, who is expressing our presence in a previously unknown realm of negative polarity. In our true infinite Being, we did not know polarity. Our human expression has given us the experience of duality, in positive and negative vibrations. Our experiences are the Creator’s experiences. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are all enlivened by the Creator’s conscious life force. What is unique about us, is our ability to direct the life force that enlivens us through our perspective, which we express as our thoughts, feelings and actions. We get to experience the vibratory level of our state of being, as do our Creator and all other conscious beings who focus on us. This is the reason that animals that we encounter in the wild know how we feel about them. When we align with our natural state of Being, we also can know how the animals feel about us.

We have learned to live within a defined spectrum of conscious vibrations, which we recognize as the empirical world that fills our perceptions. The animals are aligned with the consciousness of their entire species. We as humans also have a species consciousness. We all have a human perspective. We have similar feelings and ways of recognizing empirical energy patterns. We all have limiting beliefs that make it possible for us to experience life in duality.

The only ones who require us to experience duality as real, are ourselves. We can expand into a realm that is unknown to the human ego-compartmentalized consciousness. Beyond duality we are our present, timeless and limitless Self-awareness. Our true Being is available for our realization and alignment. If we can imagine the Creator living through us, experiencing everything we experience and feeling what we feel, we can become sensitive to the life-enhancing energetics that naturally are expressed in our life force. Our choice of the focus of our attention and our choice of energetic alignment determine the qualities of our experiences. We contribute to universal consciousness by our ability to modulate energy patterns that create experiences.

As we choose to open our awareness beyond the realm of duality in time and space, we open ourselves to universal consciousness through our intuitive knowing. Our ego transforms into a life-enhancing and light-filled person of expanded consciousness, aware of our presence in the consciousness of the Creator.

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