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Exploring Our Sense of Being

Throughout our lives we have lived by the skills of our ego consciousness. It is who we have believed that we are. We’ve been unaware that we are much greater than we have imagined. We’ve had glimmers of deeper knowing and sometimes visions, inner voices and feelings of guidance in challenging situations, but we haven’t known how to deepen this awareness and know it as a daily practice.

We designed our ego consciousness to operate within a limited spectrum of energies, so that we could experience the true feelings of these vibrations. The ego is not aware of the operations of higher consciousness. It functions according to its programming, and it fights for its existence, even though it expects ultimately to terminate. Meanwhile it fills our lives with personal dramas of all kinds, feeling victimized and separated from awareness of our greater Self.

How can we know if our ego is a limited expression of our unlimited conscious Self? We’ll find out definitely when the ego dies, along with the body. Meanwhile we have the reports of many who have passed through the death experience or have otherwise learned to transcend the ego through conscious projection beyond the body. Beyond the ego, we never lose our presence of awareness as an individualized expression of universal consciousness.

Spiritual traditions have developed many techniques of quieting the ego mind and just being present in awareness. All require confronting and resolving our ego fears and self-imposed limitations. In a peaceful place, we can go within and seek emotions that truly turn us on with joy and ecstasy. We can imagine being aware in a realm of beauty, majesty and love. These are energetic patterns that we can align with. We may have resistance to this by our beliefs, telling us that it’s not real, but when we do open ourselves in alignment with its energies, it becomes real in our experience. Our awareness expands to include a positive polarity magnetizing high-vibration experiences. We can allow ourselves to absorb it all and deeply enjoy our feelings.

In every moment, we can live in elevated vibratory frequencies in our awareness, and circumstances around us arrange themselves in alignment with our own energy signature. Fear disappears, because it’s of a different polarity. Our entire lives become transformed into positive experiences. We radiate this energy throughout our body and our Being and into the energetic signature of humanity, opening up higher vibrations. This affects everyone in our presence and continues to feed back to us. Energetics work like this on every level and in every dimension. All of us can be masters of energetic alignments, making us masters of our lives.

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