Exploring Our Consciousness

If we want to know our true Being, who we really are, and our capabilities, we must intend to explore the depths of our conscious awareness. We are individual persons with our own self-awareness. As the human spectrum of resonant frequencies comes into our awareness, we need to make a jump in our vibrations to be able to be aware of the vibrations of our heart. We must shift our emotions into the spectrum of love and joy, our natural, created state of Being.

In our Being beyond the physical, we can have the perspective of our true Selves. We are beyond time and space in our essence of Being. We can feel the flow of life force arising for us within the universal consciousness of the Creator. In unconditional love we are all the same Being in our essence. We are Creators within the Creative consciousness of everything. We are constantly being created to create our own experiences within the universal consciousness by modulating the energy patterns that we encounter with our own visions and feelings in our focus in every moment within the limitations of our beliefs about ourselves.

All beliefs are creations of our ego in its attempts to make life tolerable without needing too much understanding. They have guided our ego in maintaining consistent energy patterns that we are familiar and comfortable with. Taking on a higher-frequency perspective requires strong intentional focus on the love vibration. The challenge with this attempt is that without proof, in the perspective of the ego, we must intentionally open ourselves to the unknown portion of ourselves.

An intuitive sensitivity guides us in our inner journey. It is what we deeply know without words. We can seek the level of vibrations that feels like a sustained state of gratitude and joyous ecstasy. The conscious boundaries that can keep us from knowing this are our beliefs of what is possible for us. In our essence we are eternally-created, limitless self-conscious Person-Creators. We only need to realize ourselves beyond limits. We can do this while also participating in society. We just become more radiant.

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