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Exploring Our Belief in Good and Evil

In order to understand our own reality, it may be helpful to know what quantum physicists know about the structure of the empirical world. First, there is no such thing as substance. Everything that we are aware of, at its source of being, consists of conscious, swirling patterns of energy, both etheric and electro-magnetic. This applies to the atoms of our body and all subatomic entities. They are swirling energetic expressions of their own conscious awareness in alignment with the consciousness of our body, which is an expression of the consciousness that creates everything.

Although we are not our bodies, we are intimately conjoined, so that our body expresses the vibratory patterns of our accustomed state of being. We have believed that the flesh of our body is solid, but penetrating its structure down to its smallest constituent parts, reveals a complex energetic expression of trillions of conscious subatomic entities of light-essence, some of which vibrate in frequencies within our sensory range. We can recognize them in great numbers of swirling patterns of energy moving at light-speed, appearing and feeling solid to us.

At the source of everything is consciousness. Everything is conscious within its own structure. Consciousness is everywhere, and we are part of it in our own ways and to the extent that we allow ourselves. We have ignored the consciousness of nearly everything, including the constituent entities of our own body. We can communicate with them, and we can influence their vitality with our own perspective. Whenever we express life-enhancing thoughts and feelings, the cells and DNA of our bodies naturally cooperate with us. When we are negatively-oriented, we radiate life-diminishing energies throughout out body.

In the empirical world, in order to have matter, we must have anti-matter as a balancing backdrop, or there would be no awareness of matter. That allows for duality, for creation and destruction. These are both necessary to contain the expression of infinite Being within the confines of the dualistic empirical band-width and polarities. In order to participate in a convincing way in this world, we have imposed upon ourselves the belief in good and evil, light and dark and all polarities, but we are not required to maintain this perspective.

We know that our vitality is creative and life-enhancing. We know when energies are destructive and life-diminishing. This is part of the human experience in duality. If we want to open our awareness to greater consciousness beyond duality, we must align our attention with the energetic patterns of the source of our vitality. We can intentionally seek this awareness without attachment to any beliefs, opening our inner awareness for what we truly know as life-enhancing gratitude, love and joy. These are the qualities that arise within us in the infinite consciousness of the Creator. They are the vibrations that open us to universal consciousness through our intuitive ability.

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