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Experiencing the World We Desire

High vibrations exist in every circumstance. They are part of the conscious life force that expresses itself through vibratory patterns of electromagnetic waves. They are waiting for us to recognize them and realize their fullness. We can become aware of these wave patterns by intending to recognize and feel their presence. They are always present, and we can open ourselves to them.

All dimensions are present for us to experience, and we can choose which one we want to live in. Currently we have chosen to participate in the empirical realm and to live within its scope of vibrations. In order to do this, we’ve needed limiting beliefs. Whenever we feel that we have thoroughly experienced the thought patterns and emotions of this realm, we can choose to live in a higher-vibratory realm. Instead of completely aligning with the energies that we encounter, we can choose to expand into the dimension of joy, abundance and fulfillment. By imagining and feeling the higher positive energies that are present in our experiences, we can align with our intuitive knowing.

We have the ability to re-polarize negative energies in our personal experiences by having an intentionally positive perspective. Since consciousness is the source of everything we experience, our consciousness creates the quality of our experiences by our vibratory levels. By being in gratitude and joy, we can transform our lives. By aligning our thoughts and feelings with love, joy and compassion, we can access the feelings of our higher Selves.

In the higher dimension that we are evolving into through the expanding energy of the heart of our Being, there is only a positive polarity of love, joy and abundance. Fear is absent. We no longer need its lessons. We cannot be threatened, because we are the commanding consciousness. We are eternally sovereign, and this realization gives us mastery of the empirical world. All of our limiting beliefs can fall away, if we recognize their essence as life-diminishing.

If we choose to feel and know high, positive vibrations, we can make this our predominant energy signature. In this perspective, we can no longer be impoverished or controlled. We can be grateful that we live in a world of great beauty and majesty, and that we can live in harmony and joy with Gaia and with one another and all creatures. As we learn to recognize and realize this world, it becomes real for us.

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