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Experiencing the Vibrations We Love

We are our infinite presence of awareness, with absolute control of our creative essence. We may be able to remember this state of Being from before this incarnation. With eternal awareness of ourselves, we can live beyond polarity in resonance with our heart-consciousness. We are attracted to life-enhancing energies, and we can resolve our ego-conscious need for stimulation and attempts to defy mortality. Once we realize that mortality is only a belief that accompanies fear and doubt, we can realize that we can change our beliefs about ourselves. This changes our experience of life. We may even learn that we can be beyond beliefs in our awareness. There are many ways of doing this. One of them is intentionally opening our awareness to our heart-consciousness. This awareness gives us confidence to be able to involve ourselves completely in experiences that we love. We can be passionately joyful and grateful for the conscious life force constantly filling our sense of Being and providing us with creative power.

Beyond the limitations of ego-consciousness, we can realize our creative ability. Without understanding our ability to modulate energy, we create all kinds of chaos and drama in our lives, because we allow our attention to be directed randomly, including to negative, life-diminishing vibrations. Whenever negativity arises in our awareness, we can realize that we need to redirect our focus to the life-enhancing energies that we love. We can recognize their symbolism in every situation, allowing us to be thankful and joyful in constant fulfillment and alignment with heart-consciousness.

With complete confidence in our inner guidance, we can live as we truly desire, among others who live with the same inner guidance and heart-consciousness. Psychopaths cannot exist in these vibrations. This leaves the parasites in a lower band-width of energy. Our relationships become heart-felt and inspiring. As we pay attention to our heart-consciousness, our personal radiance increases greatly, and we can fill our awareness with beauty and love.

As we attract other awakening brothers and sisters, we intensify one another’s expanding awareness. We can recognize and feel one another’s presence by the light in our eyes and the vibrations of our hearts. By our state of Being and our radiant energy, we are expanding the potential awareness of humanity. By our heart-directed thoughts and emotions, we can create a new world of unconditional love and joy for ourselves and all with whom we interact.

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