Experiencing Our Multi-Dimensionality

Our empirical hypnotic trance is powerful, because we have accepted beliefs that make it so. Even though the dimension that we live in as humans is a small compartment of our consciousness, it fills our entire awareness, while we are embodied within it. We have adopted beliefs about ourselves that severely limit awareness of our own being and our energetic environment. We are aware of a limited spectrum of electromagnetic waves and patterns within the quantum field, which contains every possible energetic configuration and experience in all dimensions.

We have no innate requirement to live within our inherited and programmed self-limitations. We can open ourselves to our greater reality by intending to do so and searching for the qualities of the most life-enhancing thoughts and feelings that we can imagine. These are the qualities of true love, joy, abundance, freedom and eternal Being. They manifest naturally in our experiences, when we align with the feelings of beauty, generosity, compassion and deepest love.

To enhance our deepest understanding of life, we have come into embodiment with humanity in the spectrum of deeply negative experiences, but we do not have to continue to participate in these energetics. We know what they feel like, and we can transform our experiences with our imagination and emotions. We have to establish a high-vibratory state of being.

Because we are multidimensional, we can be aware of a deeper reality beyond our physical Earth-human experience. By adopting a perspective of compassionate wisdom, we can resolve our self-imposed and accepted limiting beliefs, freeing ourselves to realize the truth of our Being. We can know the consciousness of our Creator, because we are the same eternal and infinite Being. We are fractals of the Whole of universal consciousness.

As we practice opening ourselves to our greater Being, we free ourselves to experience expanded consciousness. Regardless of the world around us, we can intentionally choose serenity and joyful laughter as our state of being, and our outer lives change themselves for us to reflect the frequencies of our own consciousness.

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