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The only limitations to our full knowing of our own true Being, are self-imposed. They are borders in our awareness that deny our access to universal consciousness. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we are mortal ego-consciousness, separate from our Creator. We needed this for our deepest, most meaningful human experiences in the negative, low-frequency environment of the life-diminishing world of humanity. But there is more to us, much more.

We have become masters of darkness. It has cost us most of our life force, because our limitations shut down our positive, unconditionally loving conscious life stream. We’ve learned how to divert life force from others, attempting to make up for our lack. We have survived by the strength of our ego consciousness without higher guidance. We have been mostly unaware of our intuitive guidance in every moment, and haven’t even known that it exists.

It does exist, very faintly, if it has been mostly ignored, but we can become aware of it, if we intentionally open ourselves to our inner knowing. It is the Source of our consciousness and our vitality. It is who we are as extensions of Divine Being and is our connection to universal consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator. It is our constant guidance in the level of our vibrations. It allows us to create any kind of life that we choose to focus upon by our conscious alignment with its energetic expression. It is the quality of energetics that we create for our experience with our vibrations.

Our intuition can always help to keep us aligned with higher consciousness. Our intuitive guidance is not normally given to us in words. It is symbolic, and it prompts us in ways that it knows we can understand. We just have to be unattached to everyone and everything, and just be present in awareness. In this moment we can receive a knowing of whatever we need to feel or imagine in our current situation. This may motivate us to say or do something. Sometimes it may not make any sense, but the more we become sensitive to our inner knowing, that more accurate we become, and the more we can know that the beliefs we have held about ourselves are no longer needed. Then we can begin to have access into our expanded consciousness and mastery of life in any conscious realm.

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