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Expanding the Energy of Our Heart

Everywhere on our planet the heart symbolizes love, usually romantic love or love as an emotional attachment to someone. In the spiritual community the heart symbolizes divine love, an understanding of unity in spirit with everyone and everything. The heart is our connection with expanded consciousness and greatness of Being. Its energy pervades our entire body and awareness with the enlivening consciousness of the Creator. It is constantly devoted to enhancing our life, regardless of how we treat it. All of this is true for us on every level of our being—physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual. Our physical heart is the manifestation of the heart of our Being, our connection with the Source of our conscious life, which we share with all beings.

We have learned to constrict ourselves, to limit the energy of our heart, which has resulted in lowering our vitality in order to comply with our enslavement to negative forces. This imposition is now ending, along with the rising energetic vibrations of the Earth, and the polarity of humanity is turning positive. We are realizing our freedom to express our innate abilities in expanding creativity and unity in spirit. We can learn to gaze into each other’s eyes and see the light of love within, and we can interact in joy with this spark of love, which is always present in every conscious being, even the dark ones.

Our heart constantly shares its life force with all parts of our being. It knows that its life force is unlimited and flows through it constantly from our Source, unless our self-limiting ego-consciousness destroys it. And so it is with our higher Self-consciousness. When we discover that our creative ability is unlimited, we can choose to give our creative love without limit. This is how our true Being expresses itself.

In our true Self-Realization we feel fulfilled in our expressions of love for everyone and everything, because we know that our sustenance comes from within our own Being. The more we open the flow of love through us, the greater our awareness and ability expands, and the greater our self-fulfillment manifests in every way.

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