Expanding Our Understanding

Once we are predominantly living in high vibrations, we realize that we’ve been involved in an alternate reality that is very convincing. It’s a trick we’ve played on our own consciousness to experience being limited to this alternate reality of the human spectrum of vibrations.

We’ve been involved in a limited, low-vibration alternate reality, a game in our consciousness to pretend that we’re limited and mortal. The game is designed to be intensely involving and fear-inducing. From this limited perspective, we can disconnect by staying mentally and emotionally attentive in high-vibrations. As our conscious awareness becomes sharper and more expansive, we understand the situation on this planet, and we can have compassionate wisdom in all situations.

We can raise our vibrations to be able to live in a high-frequency spectrum of experiences. We do this by living in gratitude in all situations. We can be in gratitude, while feeling joyful and compassionate. This is a natural perspective of high frequency emotions while knowing that we are unlimited in our conscious Being.

We have compelling experience in the presence of our Being. We become aware that we are personalized fractals of the One consciousness that creates everything always. We are timeless and without location. We are pure conscious presence, with many unlimited abilities, the same as the Creator. Each of us is the creator. We can play with all the energies around us infinitely. We’ve been doing this in the human experience constantly. We’ve just kept our consciousness within in the human spectrum of frequencies.

Moving our consciousness beyond the body is easy for us. We do it all the time in day dreaming. We can intentionally day dream experiences of beauty and joy and everything that resonates with those vibrations. We can transform our perspective from wherever it is now to recognizing a higher, more expansive reality interpenetrating our human experience in a multidimensional quantum field.

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