Expanding Our Sense of Self

Most of us follow a routine that we’ve developed over many years. A few adventurers leave behind all sense of security and pursue their passion in whatever way moves them. Some dance, some paint, some go fishing, some play poker. Whatever it is, there’s an inner urge that we all have that wants to blossom into full expression in a way that is unique to each of us. What holds most of back is a sense that we may fail in supporting ourselves and our families, if we do not work long hours at unfulfilling jobs that are essentially enslaving. The issue is one of self-identity, of who we believe we are.

Must we be subject to the dictates of political tyrants and the mandates of corrupt politicians or worse? Why are we subject to chaos, terrorism, child trafficking and other horrific evils? How do we extract ourselves and our families from poverty and starvation? Some situations may be so bad that we can’t even leave our homes, or we wait at home to be terrorized, and some of us may not even have a home or any assets of any kind. We may be so sick that we cannot care for ourselves.

What is left for us to be grateful for, for this is the first step out of our predicament. We can release all resentment, hatred, depression, shame and attachment to anything, including our well-being, and forgive ourselves for our lack of trust in our true Being. We have the freedom of choosing to turn our attention within to our inner light, dim as it may be. There within our heart is our true radiance, shining with unconditional love and the power of universal consciousness, which enlivens all of us eternally.

Everything we perceive to be affecting our body is an energy pattern that we have attracted to ourselves by the focus of our imagination and feelings, prompted by our beliefs about ourselves. If we can manage to recognize that we have unlimited creative ability as the essence of who we are, and be grateful that we share in the essence of the Creator of everything, we can create a miraculous transition into a wonderful life for ourselves and our families, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. This requires intense and prolonged focus to overcome everything we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves, but it is the path of ultimate freedom and expanded consciousness.

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