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Expanding Our Sense of Being

Although our human situation may be uninspiring because of low-vibration energy in our environment and awareness, we still have free will to focus on what we want to experience. We severely limit ourselves by focusing on experiences that do not inspire us. No matter how difficult and intrusive the low-vibration energies in our awareness may be, we have the ability to transform all that we encounter.

Our only requirement in this life is to experience being human. We don’t have to be locked into any pattern of energy. We can choose to be in love and joy in ourselves as much as possible. If we can realize that we don’t need any specific experiences, and are free to create whatever we prefer, we can transform everything. Energy doesn’t stop flowing, but resistance to the natural flow causes stress, frustration and ultimately defeat. That’s why it’s important to be in the flow with the energies of nature. Flow with the fragrance of flowers, the birdsong at sunrise, the sweep of the clouds, the conscious presence of giant trees, the majesty of the night sky, the vibrancy of a coral reef, the beauty all around.

If we can just be present in the energic spectrum of the Earth, we come closer to our true Being. We can realize that we control the quality of our lives just by how we feel and what we think about. Our state of being determines the vibratory pattern of our personal energy signature. This is the quality of energy that we radiate into the quantum field, where the conscious, creative plasma energy forms experiences for us in resonance with our energy signature. We magnetically attract persons and experiences that resonate with our energy spectrum.

By intentionally elevating our feelings and thoughts, we modulate the energy in our presence into resonance with higher vibrational experiences. If we feel that it’s too difficult to hold that perspective, because of the intensity of our poverty or enslavement, we can naturally repel low-vibration scenarios by intentionally aligning with the energies of nature, inspiring music and art and any environment that we can find that may elevate our feelings. Inspiration comes from our own Being, and we can be open to it through promptings from inspired creations in nature and by artists and poets. And we must ask for it and intend to be aware of it. Our awareness can transform our limitations through our perspective of high-frequency emotions and thoughts of joy and compassion These naturally come through our heart and are in the flow of our natural life force and that of the Earth.

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