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Expanding our Realizations

Being able to focus our attention when we’re quieting our mind and slowing our brain waves is possible by being present in awareness without distraction. It is a state of quiet ecstasy and unlimited awareness in alignment with the vibrations of our heart-consciousness. We can practice always being joyful and grateful, transcending our belief in vulnerability. Our awareness is eternally present. It is not bound by time and is the source of our creative intent.

We are always aware, even if our body is in a coma. We always have thoughts and feelings that serve many purposes. They are both receptive and radiant. In their radiance, our mental and emotional processes attract resonating energy patterns. When we meet someone in person, we know immediately if our vibrations are compatible. We feel their qualities, and we transmit ours.

In being receptive, our imagination and emotions connect with the vibrations we’re facing. When we’re in a slow brain-wave state, we are not being intentionally creative, we are just being present with high-vibrations. This allows our essence to express our deepest creative intent through our state of Being in joy, gratitude and love without having to do anything beyond our personal vibratory level. This is our best form of creative expression and results in our most fulfilling experiences.

The energies of this space of joy between waking and sleeping can stay with us and inspire us throughout our day, guiding us to align with the love and compassion of our intuitive heart-consciousness. Within this state of being, we are receptive to super-learning, and it is a powerful way to reprogram our limiting beliefs about ourselves, allowing us to open ourselves to our infinite conscious awareness and realize the potential of our creative ability.

We are such creators that we have created prisons for ourselves as well as palaces. We can expand our creative ability in conjunction with our ability to believe in what’s possible. With practice we can expand our limits, until finally we realize infinity. Beyond everything, we can realize pure consciousness forever in the present moment. Every possible scenario and energetic pattern is available for our creative intent, all culminating in our experiences in any dimension we choose and with whatever quality we feel. We can have awareness of our infinite presence, while also being in space/time awareness. This gives us a perspective with understanding beyond human realization.

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