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Expanding Our Personal Awareness

We are designed to be however we want ourselves to be. We have the conscious design of freedom in every aspect of our Being. This is an aspect of the consciousness of the Creator of all. Since we are fractals of the Creator, we have the same infinite abilities throughout our psyche. They are waiting for our recognition and invitation for them to manifest for us. It is as if each of us is a rain drop arising from the ocean, forming clouds, and eventually falling back into the sea. It is all water, just as we are all the consciousness of the Creator, appearing in myriads of forms and emotions.

In our experiences as humans, we have not believed that we are the Creator of all. In our true Self, we are the personal consciousness of the Creator. When we choose to align with this awareness, we become the masters of this dimension. Our experiences arrange themselves in resonance with our state of being. To our ego-conscious self, it appears that we live a miraculous life, but it’s all about our polarity and vibratory status. This is how our consciousness expresses itself as the energetic patterns that come into our experience.

We control the quality of the energetics that manifest for us by the polarity and vibratory patterns of our predominant thoughts and feelings. It is how we imagine ourselves to be in every moment. We have been trained to imagine ourselves as separate individuals with an awareness limited to the empirical world and to our limited mental and emotional capabilities. Our ego consciousness cannot know universal consciousness and infinite Being, but it can accept higher guidance, when we become aware of our true intuition.

Once we resolve our limiting beliefs, and no longer recognize them as real, our awareness is naturally unlimited. By choosing to be in a prolonged state of positive high vibrations of joy in our imagination and feelings, we elevate our personal energy signature. We can rise above polarity and frequency into eternal Oneness. This attracts beauty, freedom and abundance into our experiences and radiates the love and compassion of our heart all around us. It elevates the energy signature of humanity and aligns with the rising resonance of Gaia.

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