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Expanding Our Conscious Awareness

Expanded awareness in higher dimensions is our natural state of Being. In our true Being we are multi-dimensional. Everything that keeps us from realizing our eternal personal presence of Being, is self-imposed. In order to experience the spectrum of energy that is known to humans, we had to compartmentalize our consciousness by intentionally or subconsciously instilling in ourselves the belief that we are mortal and subject to all kinds of low-vibration environments that want our life force through our alignment with their resonant vibrations. If we recognize them from a higher dimensional perspective, they cannot be our parasites. They need our permission to take our life force. We have succumbed to their low-vibration enticements, but we are not required to stay at our current level of vibrations.

We are designed to be the masters of our energetic expressions that become the qualities of our experiences. This creative ability that we have has been known only by esoteric groups, but the vibratory level of Gaia and the growing number of awakening persons have attained a level of consciousness in which this knowledge can be released to the public.

While humanity was stuck in fear and ignorant of our all-knowing inner guidance, we had to rely on our ego-consciousness to navigate the human dimension without higher guidance. We have been playing roles in a play that we designed, directed and produced without knowing this lesson. The lesson is to recognize that we are the creators. Once we realize this, we can know the importance of lovingly directing our focus on the level of energetic patterns that we want to live in.

In interacting with others of every kind, we can face everyone from a perspective of compassionate wisdom, remaining in a state of high-frequency thoughts and feelings. We can realize that we are eternal, Self-realized Beings, and we’ve been role-playing in the human drama. Our human body is a complex pattern of electromagnetic waves that we perceive and believe is our physical body. We hold its creation and state of being in our own consciousness, and we can elevate our state of being with our intentional focus of attention on feelings and thoughts that are wonderful for us in expanding our capacity to be loving and compassionate.

Once we know that we are eternal, personal and present conscious awareness, we can be objective about our human life and learn the real lessons. The most significant lesson is to learn how to change our polarity from a negative, low-vibratory level of fear, to a positive, high-vibratory level of love. These are energetic opposites, and they can interact, but not align. Their frequency and polarity are misaligned. There is discomfort and disharmony, resulting in separation.

It is a leap in consciousness to move from fear to love. We can do it by opening ourselves to the truth of our own Being. We can become sensitive to our intuition by searching ourselves for the source of our conscious life force and being present with it. We can intend to feel the unconditional love within the life-stream expressed by the heart of our Being. This is beyond the physical body. When we’re ready, we can recognize our unlimited Selves in our conscious awareness. Once we know who we are, our interactions among other humans become heart-felt and thankful. We can appreciate the intricate web of energetic patterns that we have all created, and we can elevate them in our own experience.

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