Expanding Awareness of Our Essential Nature

We are all masters of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Most humans live haphazardly, not knowing what they are doing. Without intention, life just provides more of the same. Even those who make detailed plans, may miss some important points. Intention is needed for creating present experiences, changing the past and creating the future; however, there are other parts to conscious creation.

Quantum physics has shown that everything exists in an energetic complex of waves in collections of frequencies, some of which our conscious being interprets as empirical experiences. Everything exhibits properties of electricity and magnetism at the most basic levels. We are energy beings. Each of us vibrates in a spectrum of frequencies that express themselves as our energy signature. Being magnetic, we attract experiences that vibrate in a frequency range similar to our own signature.

As we change our energy signature, our experiences change accordingly. Higher-frequency thoughts and feelings elevate our energy signature, attracting more vibrant and wonderful experiences. High-frequency thoughts and emotions elicit exciting and joyful feelings. Low-frequencies attract fearful and depressing experiences, such as poverty and enslavement.

Our inherent nature is that we are aspects of our Creator, divine fractals of infinite creative ability, sharing in universal consciousness of the One Supreme Being. We can align our thoughts, emotions, intentions and beliefs with the high-frequencies of the unconditional love and joy of the Creator. These are the frequencies that transmit the life force of our being to our heart center. This is what makes us eternal beings of light and love and makes it possible for us the expand our awareness into universal consciousness.

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