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Excitement About Our Passions

As we raise the vibrations of our personal energy expression, our emotions become deeper and more meaningful. They participate in the rising frequency of our sense of being. Everything becomes clearer and more intense.

Any anomalies become glaringly obvious, asking for our love and compassion. With a high-vibration perspective, we can resolve and transform every situation that we encounter in our physical experience and the imaginings of the ego.

In our true Being, we can extend our essential presence infinitely without time or space. Our life within the spectrum of vibrations of humanity is just one of an infinite number of possible expressions of our Being. One of the benefits of being human is the development of our passionate emotions. We have the ability to know everything we need to know in any moment through our heart-felt emotions that feed our intuition. We can understand situations and circumstances with compassionate wisdom.

In the world that we are creating with out vibratory radiance in the quantum field, we are free to develop our high-vibrational passions without interference. We can practice this with abandon! We can recognize emotionally the divine light of life in every being we encounter. This is the energy we can interact with. Very low frequency beings will not want to be in our presence, unless they choose to realign their vibrations with ours. Low-vibration beings and things are becoming energetically unstable. The Matrix we inhabit, which is constantly created by the consciousness of humanity, is weakening, as humans begin to open up to a greater reality. We are being directed to align with our true Being in every circumstance. Once we drop all of our pretenses and false beliefs about ourselves, we can begin to intuitively know our true Being in the radiance of our heart energy.

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