Examining the Truth of our Being

If we really penetrate our inner knowing, we come to realize that our entire lives as human beings are illusory. For one thing, we believe that we live in a solid physical reality. For another, we believe that we are separate individual entities, apart from one another and from our Creator God. A third illusion is that we are victims of circumstances, that everything that we experience happens to us from outside of our own consciousness, and that we affect our lives primarily by what we act upon and do.

From the experiments and conclusions of quantum physics, we know that the empirical world that we experience is a result of our conscious interactions with an energetic field of electromagnetic waves. There is no physical reality apart from our own recognition of the energetic patterns that we consciously imagine and observe. We live in a sea of energy that is an expression of consciousness. Our physical experience is a result of our conscious intent and interpretation of the energetic patterns that we attract by our own polarity and vibratory patterns, and that we recognize in the quantum field of all potentialities. There is nothing solid about our world. It is entirely composed of sub-atomic, spinning energy patterns that we perceive as material, and that stimulate our senses.

We cannot possibly exist as separate individuals, even though we believe that we are. This is a trick that we play on ourselves with our conscious compartmentalization. Quantum physics has shown that everything arises from consciousness, which is universal. There is only One consciousness, and it is the consciousness of the Being who creates everything. We arise from this consciousness and participate in it as completely as we allow ourselves to. From the reports of those who have dyed and returned to their bodies, as well as others who have expanded their awareness beyond time and space, we know that we are all of the same consciousness, which is eternal and pervades everyone and everything.

We are fractals of Creator consciousness, and in our true Self, we transcend time and space. We control our expressions as individuals in all of our interactions and experiences. We are completely free to create any experience that we desire with our conscious mental and emotional intent. Nothing happens to us that we have not created in quality of energy or opened ourselves to experience. It is the operations of our consciousness that create our life experiences. Once we realize that we have created our own illusory, limiting beliefs, we can learn to unlimit ourselves and expand into awareness of our true Being.

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