Evolving Beyond Our Beliefs and Fears

Evolving Beyond Our Beliefs and Fears

The function and basis of our beliefs and attachments are available for us to know. With this knowledge, we can expand our consciousness, because we then can allow ourselves to. We have self-imposed limitations and attachments that we align our vibratory patterns to resonate with. As long as we are bound by our alignment with those vibrations, we cannot unlimit our conscious awareness.

We created our beliefs and set them deeply into our subconscious in order to deprive ourselves of universal consciousness. We needed this for our human experience of living without higher guidance. We had to have no idea of who we are in our complete Being. As a result, we have learned what life is like in the human spectrum of vibrations. When we are ready to expand, we can intend to be aware of our limiting beliefs and preferences.

Shifting from fear to love, from negative to positive, is a leap in consciousness, because without higher guidance from our intuition, we cannot know what would happen to us. We can recognize our alignment with the qualities of vibrations of our attachments. They are all negatively polarized, because we fear that we may not always have what we most want. If we were to change polarity to a positive perspective of a compassionate and loving state of Being, we do not yet know that we can always have everything we need to survive and feel fulfilled.

We can feel gratitude for our opportunity to experience the heights and depths of human life, the passions, hopes and fears. We can forgive ourselves for wanting to know what suffering is like. We can love the entire experience and all of the characters, good and evil, that have taught us much deeper compassion and love than we could have imagined, as well as the sensuous pleasures. It is all a creation of human consciousness.

By being sensitive to the vibrations of the conscious life force that we receive in every moment, we can recognize the qualities of all of the energetic expressions that we confront. We can intend to be open to the presence of higher-frequency beings, with whom we can align through the energy of our heart. This draws us into the positive polarity of love. Our entire being can be positively polarized and vibrate with the enhanced vitality of a higher dimension of awareness. In the high-frequency, positive polarity of love, we can realize that we always have what we need to be comfortable and to enjoy life. This is a higher vibratory quality of living.

We can always know intuitively everything we want to know. Practicing to be sensitive to our intuition is the beginning of all knowing. Our intuitive prompting and guiding is always present for us to be aware of. It is not intrusive, and if it is disregarded for years, it becomes very faint, but never disappears.

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