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Evaluating Our Destiny

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

One of the most significant proofs of quantum physics is the realization of universal consciousness. Everything that exists participates in universal consciousness and has no existence apart from it. Consciousness is the essence of everything and endows every living being with its vitality. There is only One unified consciousness, and all conscious beings participate in it. This realization eliminates the idea of a God who is separate from us, and it shows that our consciousness is the consciousness that creates everything. We may call it the consciousness of the Creator, because that’s what it is. Although in our human consciousness we severely limit our awareness, we share in the consciousness of the Creator of all and have the potential of infinite awareness within universal consciousness.

At this most significant time in human history, we are receiving great assistance from our cosmic environment and from the Spirit of the Earth to transcend our limited awareness and awaken into universal consciousness. The resonant frequency of the Earth is rising and carrying every inhabitant with it. The energetic field enveloping us is becoming more positive and supportive of greater love and wisdom. Those who cannot adjust to these changing and elevating energies are becoming uncomfortable and will not be able to be here much longer. Those who are staunchly negative are becoming unstable and are going insane, as we can see with members of the ruling elite. Negativity can no longer be hidden and must face the light for transformation or demolecularization. This is happening all over the world.

Universal consciousness is only positive, but it allows for the operation of free will, and we have been allowed to create negativity and keep it active with our life force. Any kind of lack, threat or danger is a result of human creation. It cannot exist without our creative energy. Because each of us is the Creator, we have been creating our own negative experiences either intentionally or by acquiescence. Either way, our life force has been used through our attention and our conscious engagement, belief and alignment with negativity. We have the ability to change this by choosing to be only positive and to align with the energy of our heart, and to align with our intuitive knowing.

We are constantly created to participate in unconditional love and fulfillment in every way. We only need to realize this and choose to accept it as our reality. We have been misusing our inner powers to create what we don’t want. It’s all a matter of how we use our attention, what we choose to think about and how we choose to feel about ourselves as we live our lives. Within our own being, we have the abilities we need to transform our lives whenever we choose, and we are being prompted by the cosmos to do so now.

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