Entering Universal Consciousness

When you’re faced with a big challenge, such as potential starvation, do you feel anxiety, fear and depression? No one forces us to react negatively to challenges like these in our lives. Instead, we can decide to use our emotions creatively to transform our situation from lower-frequency events and encounters into higher-frequency situations just by projecting our positive emotions.

In order to master our lives, it is necessary to expand our awareness beyond the limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves. We begin by questioning the authenticity and basis of everything we accept into our lives and eliminating everything that is not of love and light. Everything we think we know about ourselves comes under examination. We can learn to call up emotions for creative endeavors and inspiration. We can practice compassionately loving others, including ultimately all conscious beings. This process is entering an awareness of universal consciousness, beyond anything we could have imagined.

We can feel that we’re the master, riding the flow of life force through our hearts in unity consciousness. This level of consciousness doesn’t really have challenges. It has events that are shaped by our frequency, which we can feel as love, joy, compassion and peacefulness. At this resonance of vibration, our lives become wonderful and fulfilling, and we become beings of radiant love and joy.

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