Enlightened Relationships

Most humans live with much personal drama in relating with others. We have strong likes and dislikes, fears and desires. We see ourselves as separate from others by religion, culture, politics, race and even chemical injections. Many believe that we are inherently sinful and untrustworthy. They believe everyone is like this, and that we need a savior to let us keep on living much as we do now, but better, and not have to deal with the consequences of our thoughts, feelings words and actions. That is an impossibility, because everything is energy. In our true Selves, we are Beings of radiant light and Joy and unconditional love. We are creating our human lives in every respect through the frequency patterns of our conscious and subconscious imagination and emotions in every moment. It is our predominant frequency spectrum that attracts compatible energy patterns that resonate with ours, within the boundaries of our beliefs.

When we vibrate at low-frequency, we cannot tolerate high-frequency encounters, because our vibrations become anomalous, and we become unstable, with great physical discomfort. Only by raising our vibratory levels can we rise into more expanded awareness. This is an intentional process. We must come to know love, joy, gratitude and compassion. We must feel at One with Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, and vibrate in resonance with her.

As we progress along the path to awakening, we resolve all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves, so that we can be clear. In our true Self, we are eternal Self-Realized Beings with personal, present awareness and awesome abilities. We have everything we could ever need or want within the reach of our creative abilities. We are energy modulators with our imagination and emotions.

Yet we are all human, all conscious Beings arising from the One Creative universal consciousness that some of us call God or Allah. Without personal limitations, we can be free beyond time and space. We can consciously participate in universal consciousness. We can experience feeling that we are the same divine Being as everyone and everything. There is One consciousness that constantly emits the creative life force that enlivens everyone and expresses everything as electromagnetic energy patterns, which we consciously interact with. Our intuition relays to us the quality of vibrations that we want to align with in every moment. When we are fully aware of our intuitive knowing, we can create beautiful lives aligned with the high vibrations of an ascended dimension. Here every relationship is loving and expansive.

All of the low, fear-based, vibrations exist in a lower-frequency dimension and are not present in the higher dimensions. With practice and clear intent, we can live in the higher dimension now, even occasionally, as we are able. This is where we meet one another in our true Selves.

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