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Enlarging Our Intentional Awareness

Although we acceded to living in limited consciousness, we would never have intended to stay limited, because we are unlimited in our true Being. When we intend to expand our awareness into a higher dimension of living, we have the ability to create our energetic alignment with that realm, by being in gratitude, joy and compassion. This level of vibration of our state of being creates an alignment with the deeper aspects of our consciousness, being drawn into higher awareness of beauty, peace and kindness. These vibrations interact with the vibrations of our deeply-held limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our focus on an imaginary realm of beauty and love enables us to realize it into our reality.

When we begin to recognize and feel these energy patterns of positive, high-frequency emotions and thoughts, we can align with them. This choice notifies our subconscious innate self that resolution must occur in the contrast to our believed limitations. This contract is brought to our attention through our intuition and through events in our lives. In order to resolve this contrast in our consciousness, we can intentionally recognize the limiting beliefs for what they are. They were developed while we were in a state of negative polarity, resulting in an imprinting of energetic patterns that stimulate fear.

Through our perspective of compassion, we can understand how we have limited ourselves, and we can transform our polarized perspective into positive openness. We can anticipate wonderful experiences, regardless of whether we are facing chaos and threatening situations. By aligning ourselves with positive intentions to enhance life in our thoughts and feelings, we can experience the wonders of love and joy in our encounters. These vibratory patterns are always present in the quantum field that our true consciousness encompasses, and we can intentionally be aware of them through our imagination and emotions.

Because we are constantly creating our lives through how we feel and think in every moment, we can make great changes in our lives by being aware of the quality of our perspective and intending to be positive and thankful. This creates experiences that stimulate these qualities in us, and it frees us from the bondage that negative polarity has imposed. Under the influence of positive polarity in life-enhancing energies, our stream of conscious life force expands, creating greater vitality and light in us. We can resolve our self-imposed limitations and expand our awareness into universal consciousness, resulting in our awareness of everything that we want to pay attention to, and inviting even greater experiences to come into our awareness.

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