Enlarging Our Field of Awareness

While we are embodied on this planet in an empirical world, our perceptions are limited to what we can sense. We interpret all of the energy patterns that we are aware of as solid reality. We’ve designed technology that expands our awareness into the subatomic realm and the ability to witness the presence of energy waves that we do not perceive physically. This extended our awareness into the realm of consciousness. We found out that the energy of subatomic wave/particles has its own conscious awareness beyond time and space. We found out that every change happens simultaneously everywhere, and we determined that there is a consciousness out of which everything is expressed. These are all observations of quantum physicists.

This universal consciousness envelops and pervades all conscious entities. This is our consciousness, when we can expand into it. Quantum physics has informed us that there is a universal consciousness that acts as a living Being, extending itself into all conscious entities that this Being creates, including us. Many people have called this Being, God or Prime Creator. Universal consciousness constantly creates energy patterns of every possible scenario in all dimensions, including ours. We recognize the energy patterns that we choose to focus on. As humans, we all agree to focus on the empirical spectrum of frequencies, which we’ve become so accustomed to, that we don’t normally focus beyond them.

Shamans, spiritual adventurers and wild quantum scientists have stepped into a dimension beyond time and space. We know it exists, because of our technologically-assisted experiments. We accept these as empirical facts. This is where are current scientific knowledge ends. It tells us that there is a universal consciousness that pervades everything. It exists beyond time and space, and we can have access to it, because there is only One consciousness. It is our consciousness that we partitioned off in order to participate in the human experience. We can extend our awareness beyond our partition by remembering our true Being. This remembrance comes through the life force that flows constantly through the heart of our Being and gives us our vitality, awareness and essential Being. It is all beyond time and space, but within our consciousness. Our intuition can provide access to universal consciousness and higher guidance.

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