Enjoying the Freedom of Our Essential Being

Can we ever be truly free, to be unlimited in every respect? We’re accustomed to living within limitations. These can be physical, such as disabilities and impairments, mental and psychological. Our limitations can be within a prescribed space or just within the perspective of humanity. The important point here is our perspective. Who do we deeply believe we are?

Our lives are circumscribed by our beliefs about ourselves. Because we are infinitely powerful creators, we can create limitations to our being. These limitations can be so convincing that we get locked into believing that we do not allow ourselves to imagine living beyond our limited abilities, including our health and our lifespan. But this is not who we are in essence.

We can dissolve the blocks in our consciousness and the limitations in our imagination and emotions. Some of us have slowly worked on opening our awareness and have resolved many emotional knots hiding within, not wanting to become known. Some of us (with a lot of Aries energy) take a direct approach and make a leap in awareness through out-of-body-consciousness and exposure to the human dimension an octave in energy vibrations beyond our Earth experience. Here we experience a more enhanced life in every wonderful way, and any lower vibrations become unstable and dissolve, along with the beings living within them. In this spectrum of vibration the predators experience their own energy enhanced, and they terminate from within.

When we live in high-vibration energy, we realize that we are awakening from the hypnotic trance of humanity. We can still participate in the spectrum of energy of humanity from a perspective of compassionate wisdom, knowing what the experience was about. In this state of being, we can resolve any energy that faces us, bringing it into alignment with our own or neutralizing it. We are sovereign beings having experiences for our Creator and all of the quantum field and all beings arising out of it. We share our conscious awareness with everything and everyone in all dimensions. We are the personalized consciousness of the Creator. We are unlimited in our eternal Being to create our experiences.

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