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Enhancing Our Inner Light

Humanity is in the process of awakening from the hypnotic trance that we have lived in for eons. We are being pressured more and more to accept total enslavement and impoverishment. The propaganda and mandates from our leaders are becoming more extreme, forcing us to realize that we are more than we believed ourselves to be.

We are following two different timelines now. Humanity’s traditional matrix of control has become vibrationally unstable in the face of the rising vibrational resonance of the Earth. In their struggle to control humanity, they are becoming mentally and emotionally unstable, resulting in desperation. They need to keep humanity in a state of fear. This goes against the rising vibrational frequency of Gaia, Spirit of the Earth.

The natural frequency patterns of Gaia envelope humanity and require our alignment, if we want to keep living here. By aligning ourselves in resonance with the Earth, we are changing our perspective from fear to love and opening our awareness to a higher-frequency dimension of Being. Without the fear of humanity, the old order of control has no life force to provide amplitude for its vibrations, and it dissolves into unmodulated energy patterns.

In the interim we can choose to live in the love perspective, encountering all incoming energy patterns with love and compassion. This means that we are now being intentionally creative and not reactive in our encounters. This elevates the frequency of our interactions, resulting in our flowing into the higher dimension and disappearing from the low-frequency world. There is overlap, but everything proceeds according to our resonant frequency. We will have encounters that stimulate fear in us, as long as we recognize fear as real. It’s not. This requires feelings in the spectrum of gratitude, joy, love, compassion and fun, as well as thoughts that are in alignment with this energy.

Regardless of what we encounter, we radiate conscious photons from our energy signature. This radiance attracts energy patterns in alignment with its resonance. By focusing our attention and emotions on high-vibrational situations and experiences, we can make the transition into a higher dimension of living, as soon as we give our attention to habitual high-vibrational feelings and thoughts.

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