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Enhancing Our Human Potential

As we exist on Earth today, we humans have incredibly expansive capabilities waiting for our realization. We have essentially enslaved ourselves in order to experience the reality of living in negative conditions with just enough positive to keep us barely functioning. Because we are naturally curious, we wanted to know what we could experience, if we gave up much of our awareness of ourselves and gazed into the diminishment of our self-awareness, while being embodied in convincing physicality. Imagine what we can be without a physical body. There is no way we can completely convince our ego-consciousness that we can exist without our body, because the ego consists of our limited beliefs about ourselves. These have been necessary for the intensity of our experiences, but there comes a time for us, when we wonder about what might be beyond our current abilities.

The only way to find out is to transcend our beliefs in what is real. It is here that quantum physics can be helpful. Physics experiments have shown that we live in an indeterminate world of subtle energies that span frequencies far beyond the awareness ability of our senses. They have also shown that everything has conscious awareness, including all sub-atomic entities, including photons, electrons, protons and neutrons. These are conscious entities with full awareness of their cosmic environment, their pathway of movement and their focus of energetics. They know how to interact for the benefit of all. This is our natural energetic state of being. It’s when all of our cells are fully functioning as they are designed in universal consciousness.

Physicists have found that the consciousness of subatomic entities is unlimited in terms of their inherent life processes. Our bodies consist of sub-atomic entities, all having cosmic consciousness. So what about us? Where’s our cosmic consciousness? It is present in all of us, waiting for us to open ourselves to its realization. For this to happen, we have to get past our preconceptions and our limiting beliefs. We can use our imagination to pretend that we’re living in a realm that we deeply want to experience. We can open our awareness to our intuition by aligning with the energy of our heart.

As our ability to do these things increases, our awareness begins to transcend ego-consciousness. Our understanding of reality begins to transform into a natural positivity, in gratitude, love and joy. In every moment that we’re in this state of being, we create an experience of its energies for ourselves. Once we can feel its reality, it becomes real in our experience. We are the creators, and we set out own limits and transcend them.

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