Enhancing and Enlivening Ourselves

We know from quantum physics experiments that universal consciousness is the source of all energy and material manifestation. The Being or Source of universal consciousness exists beyond the grasp of physics. All Beings who arise from universal consciousness also participate in the same consciousness. This is a logical truth. It is revealed in the awareness of masters who deeply understand consciousness. These are spiritual masters like Jesus, and some are on our planet now. There have always been some here to balance the energy of humanity. This has enhanced our flow of life force from the conscious plasma envelope of life surrounding everything.

In order to open ourselves to universal consciousness, we must resolve all of our self-imposed limitations. In our larger personal Being, we are unlimited in every way. In the traditional spectrum of humanity’s vibrations, the human mind cannot comprehend this, but we can recognize that there’s much more that we can experience. When we are open to it, our intuition brings realization to us through alignment with the energy of the heart of our Being. This is where we can experience the consciousness of the Creator Source of everything.

Our bodies have their own consciousness, which is guided by the vibrations of our ego consciousness. The ego operates outside the energy of the heart in the low-vibration realm of fear and mortality. We can withdraw our life force from the low-vibration spectrum of frequencies by paying attention to life-enhancing energy patterns. These are in the spectrum of love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, personal sovereignty and abundance. We can connect intentionally with all of these vibrations, giving ourselves a perspective of compassionate wisdom. As we rise in our mental and emotional frequency spectrum, we expand our awareness and come to know the experience of greater love in our lives. Our bodies respond to these energies by regenerating and transforming into the manifestations of eternal enhanced awareness of beauty and health.

Self-Realization may come gradually or suddenly, depending upon our openness, conscious intent, and willingness to follow our intuition. It is in this direction that the flow of life-enhancing energy is growing brighter in alignment with the rising vibrations of the Earth into the spectrum of love and compassion.

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