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Energies of the Season

This Christmas season promises to be amazing. We have the energies of the solstice, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the massive enveloping of our planet by photon plasma released from the Central Sun of our universe, raising the Schumann Resonance, and the world-wide meditation of light and love on the 21st. We are entering a benevolent time on Earth, in which the dark ones are leaving. This is happening now.

The energy signature of humanity is rising in frequency. Everyone feels better in higher frequencies. The highest possible frequency is unconditional love. This is what flows from our Creator continuously as life force into our heart centers. Without it we could not live. The more of it that flows through us, the better we feel and the more aligned with this divine energy. Our personal radiance grows brighter.

Our experience of the flow of life force is limited by our beliefs, fears, desires and accustomed lifestyle. If we can work through all of our conscious and subconscious limitations, we can reside in the energy of our heart center in love and joy and peace. This is where we can access our infinite creative ability and live beyond our current imagination. This is where humanity is being drawn toward.

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