Energetic Alignments for Life Enhancement

For millennia our civilization has been primarily mind-based. Our emotions have been relegated to an untrained status in our personal relationships. Our egos have ruled the directions of our lives, and we have been disconnected from the energies of nature and from the Source of all life. The animals and the indigenous people have taught us that the Earth has energy patterns that we can know and align with. For instance, when there was a massive tidal wave a few years ago in Thailand, the elephants pulled up the stakes that held them captive and broke their bindings to escape with other animals into the hills well before the waves struck. The indigenous sea people tried to warn those on the beaches, but few listened. The energy of Gaia told them what was coming. Like the indigenous ones, we all have the innate ability to align with the Spirit of the Earth.

The spectrum of vibrations within the limiting boundaries of humanity’s consciousness is held in expression and appearance by our group perception and recognition. Humanity’s experiences are humanity’s creation. We all have allowed or intended for our life force to be used to limit us to being slaves of fear. We have intentionally and unintentionally accepted fear of our mortality. In the face of our survival, we become desperate and either awaken or go through the mortality experience. Either way, we awaken to awareness of the energy patterns of Gaia.

To recognize Gaia’s spectrum of energy, we can find natural places relatively undisturbed by humans. If we walk barefoot here, lie on the ground, put our ears to the earth, let the sun shine on us and the rain envelop us, listen to the birds and the wind in the trees, and just be here in open awareness, we can enter the energy frequencies of Gaia and intentionally resonate with her. Everything vibrating here arises out of unconditional love in the universal consciousness of the constantly creating One.

The natural energies for us are all in the frequency spectrum of love and joy. When we have no fear, because we believe and know that we are eternal Beings, we are free to live in higher vibrations. We can release every intention, except the intention to know the truth about everything. This quest leads to alignment with nature and our natural essence of Being. Our life force can become more powerful, we can be clearer, and we can become more acutely aware of our creative ability.

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