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Empowering Vitality

What touches the heart of each of us? Deep romantic love is so powerful, that those who experience it want it all the time. If we can be open to something even better than the best romance, it can get us going in the upward journey. We begin to know what true love is, and when we wonder how it could be any better, it gets better. The farther we go into our heart energy, the more we feel our own presence of being. This is where we know everything and feel everything. It provides the creative ability that we innately have and are. It is our multi-dimensional eternal Being. It expresses itself primarily through our emotions and inner feelings. It inspires our minds with immediate knowing as much as we feel we can assimilate about whatever we imagine. And it radiates the highest form of love that envelopes everything and everyone. This is the essence of infinite creativity of our personal experiences. In this vibratory level, we are drawn to create what we love the most, and we keep expanding our awareness into more beautiful and fulfilling frequencies, which turn into physical as well as higher dimensional experiences. We can rest in our presence, knowing that we can create universes.

There are no limits to what we can create with our imagination and emotions, once we are free of personal beliefs and other psychological limitations. Once we reach this stage, we realize that our bodies are a conscious projection in this dimension, and we are not limited to them. We become sensitive to the feelings of frequencies, and we modulate them, we transform them into an alignment of our imagining and feeling. This is our creative ability. We reach into the quantum field of all potentialities with our emotions and imagination and create an energy signature that we project into the quantum field, where it is then manifested into whatever dimension we sent it to. We never know how or when it will appear, but we know what it will feel like. The speed of manifestation into empirical experience depends on the emotional passion and gratitude that empowers the energy signature. As we create in the presence of divine love, we become more radiant in every way, because we are following the direction of our natural greater consciousness.

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