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Emotional Power

We all have the ability to choose the quality of our life experiences. Whatever our life experiences are right now, no matter how dark, we can use our imagination and emotions to transform our experiences.

The world that we consider tangible is actually a configuration of energies that our consciousness interprets for us as empirical. There is nothing solid about it, except in our imagination. With training and practice we can imagine better experiences and empower them with our passionate alignment with love and joy.

Our consciousness is designed to be able to change the frequencies of any energies that we are aware of. We do this primarily through our emotions. By feeling for our heart energy, which is a high-frequency vibration of energy, we can elicit unconditional love, joy, peace and gratitude in ourselves. This practice raises the frequency of our energy signature, which changes the quality of our experiences.

There is a carry-over of unresolved knots of energy that we need to become aware of and straighten out through gratitude, forgiveness, love and dissolution. We need to become as clear as possible.

We do not need to participate in the energy combinations that we have created for ourselves through ignorance, curiosity or karma. We can choose to raise our vibrations through our passionate projections of high-vibration, heart-centered emotions. The more emotional power we project, the greater our aura grows and the greater life force that can flow through us from our Creator.

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