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Emotional Guidance

What does it mean to merge with our higher Self, and how do we do it? How do we even recognize our potential?

Upon incarnating on this planet, we are given an ego personality to navigate an empirical world within a limited spectrum of energy frequencies. Our personal awareness has been wiped clean of our Self-knowledge. We retain our free will in our essential Being. This is the greatest gift we give to our ego. In our quest for experiences, we give our ego free reign to explore the entire spectrum of situations available to humans. We do this so that we’ll be able to discern which energies we want to align with.

Once we’re satisfied that we’ve had enough experience in this dimension of life, and we want to experience higher-quality conditions, we learn to raise the vibrations of our personal energy signatures to align with the highest and best emotions that we allow ourselves to feel. To find these we embark upon a journey of emotional exploration. We’ve already come to know all of these emotions in our sojourn through lives, and we can choose the ones we want to live with. Then we can imagine scenarios in which we project the emotions we want, and we can be passionate about it. As we move into the high-frequency emotions of joy, compassion, expansive love and gratitude, we are drawn to our authentic Being. This is our real Self, a divine creation constantly sharing in the universally conscious life force. Our connection is through the energy of our heart. This is where we find our higher guidance in everything, and we find it with our feelings.

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