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Elimination of the Dark Force

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

In terms of quantum spirituality the dark force vibrates at a very low frequency. This frequency is easily given interference and destabilized by high-frequency energy. It’s like 120-volt electricity in the presence of 240-volt frequency. As the Earth’s resonant frequency rises, the low-frequency spectrum becomes destabilized and begins dissolving. It is no longer given the life force that flows from us.

We are the creators within the energy spectrum that we live in. We have the power to transform the lower vibrations into a higher spectrum through our perspective, empowered by our emotions. Our energy signature can vibrate at a higher spectrum of energy through our heart-centered frequency. In this state of conscious awareness we feel joyous, loving and compassionate. These are the high-vibration emotions. If we can imagine having these emotional feelings, we attract higher-vibrational experience into our lives.

Everything is energy vibrating at various spectra of frequencies, and we have the ability to change the spectrum of energy that we experience. Those who are aware of these different levels of consciousness only need to change their emotional state to a higher level in order to transform the energy that they are experiencing into higher vibrational resonance. This is using our emotions creatively.

The key element to personal transformation is raising the frequency of our energy signature, which is formed by our predominant self-image, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. By reaching for realization of our divine nature and imagining what it would feel like to be in our heart energy, we begin to transform our lives.

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