Elevating Our Consciousness

After having dissolved in our awareness all of our former beliefs about everything and all of the pain and responsibility of life on Earth, we have come to realize what we love the most—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. These realizations come from our intuitive knowing through the energy of our heart. Everything that we know in our essence comes to us this way. This is knowledge that cannot be proved, and it’s all about our essential being.

As we have been imagining ourselves living in higher vibrations, we open up new and better experiences, that we did not know about previously. If we can refrain from developing new belief systems about our new experiences, we can continue to expand our presence, as we interact with all of the energies that we recognize. We can allow ourselves to just Be, resting in awareness with gratitude. The closer we get to understanding and feeling the unconditional love of the life force constantly flowing through our heart, the greater we know ourselves to be in our presence and our creative ability.

We’re free to go in the other direction, into a low-vibration life, as well, but we’ve found out that it’s a dead end. Some of us may choose this, due to an unresolved residual of low-frequency memories, but we’ve all had extensive experience in this realm. We could accomplish low-vibration experiences only by convincing ourselves that we are separate beings in our conscious awareness, not consciously knowing who we are and what we’re capable of. With this experience, we’ll never choose this level of life again.

Now we want to expand and continue expanding back to our infinite awareness. Once we discover that there are no limits to consciousness, we realize that we truly can create any experience we want, just by aligning with the energy spectrum that we desire, imagine and feel. We can play with energy, work with it and create with it. We exist to be masters of this and to create and enjoy new experiences forever.

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