Elevate the Consciousness of Humanity

All of us who have achieved freedom from the hypnotic trance of humanity or can imagine doing so, can realize the essence of our Being by recognizing the vibrations of joy, peace, beauty and deepest love within our own consciousness. We can ask our divine presence to fill our awareness with these high-vibration emotions as we align our consciousness with the energy of unconditional love as much as we can. We can imagine that we recognize this energy enveloping all of humanity with the love of our Creator. This has a powerful effect upon the energy signature of humanity, affecting everyone, because it resonates with the energy of the unified quantum field.

The resonant frequency of the Earth is rising faster as we transform into Beings of divine love and joy. We’re being enveloped by gamma ray clouds of photons and often blasted by them, as we can see on the Shumann Resonance graph. It is now more important than ever to Be in joy and compassion as much as possible and frequently attune to the energy of the Earth by being in nature, preferably walking barefoot, which connects us to the heartbeat of our planet and the energy of Gaia’s heart. The energy signature of the Earth is rising faster than humanity’s, and all of us will awaken from humanity’s trance, except those who refuse. They will continue in this dimension, while everyone else moves into a wonderfully-refined life of truth and goodness.

Any of us can align with our naturally-high energy, which is our divine Self. This is the spectrum of frequencies that we enjoy the most. It is the natural energy of our own heart center. It is where we feel our life force flowing into us. It’s where we feel enchanted within ourselves and recognize our expanded consciousness. We intentionally align all of our vibrations in resonance with our true essence that we know as our higher Self, our true conscious presence of Being. Through our higher Self flows the unconditional love that permeates the plasma of the unified quantum field, the expression of the consciousness of the Creator.

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