Earth's Current Status and Opportunity

As everything in our world changes, we can realize that we are graduating from lives involved in an illusory matrix of confusing energy and much low-vibration dark energy. Those who control that realm live in constant fear, which has moved them to seek power over humanity. Now we can recognize their role in our experiences as challenges to us, requiring us to look deeper into our hearts and recognize that we are powerful Beings who cannot be controlled, once we know who we truly are. We can thank them for their service in awakening us, which costs them their own life force. We can forgive them and release all negative feeling toward them. We then withdraw our life force from them by removing our attention from them. They are also beings of light who may awaken to their true identity with our blessing.

The only way we can know how to live under these conditions is to follow our heart. Look deeply into our intuition. Feel what resonates with us as love, joy, peace and compassion. Go with those feelings. Know that we are infinitely powerful creator Beings—fractals of the One Who Is All and possessing unlimited abilities in our true Self. Without giving our power away to the dark ones and enabling them to function destructively, using our life-force, our light, without our true conscious permission, we can recognize that they need the life force inherent in our fear in order to survive. If we withdraw our attention from their threats and intimidation, and instead feel confidently into our heart energy, we will transform our experiences into love and joy. This happens when we feel fully without any doubt that we are living in love and joy. This is when the energy of life rises an octave in resonance, and everything changes to align with that energy. Life becomes wonderful.

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