Each of Us Has Our Own Reality

Quantum Physics has shown that sub-atomic particles are particles only when we recognize them. If we’re not recognizing them with our senses or our technology, they immediately manifest as electromagnetic waves with their own unique frequency and amplitude. They reappear as particles as soon as we focus on them again. This is a conscious process on their part. Their alignment appears to extend throughout our known universe. They become part of our physical body by vibratory attraction.

Because our physical body is a collection of atoms and molecules, each of these with its own consciousness, our body needs to be entirely in resonance in order to be healthy and well. If there are serious anomalies in our force field, they can ultimately destabilize our entire physical manifestation and cause dis-ease and diminishment of our energy signature.

To be truly in the power of our natural life force, we need to be clear emotionally and mentally. Until we attain this state of being, we can continue to resolve, through love and compassionate wisdom, all issues that arise. We can be intentionally open, in our feelings and imagination, to inspiration from the intuition of our heart. Here is our higher guidance, if we can understand it. One way to do that is to be deeply sensitive to our feelings about everything we encounter in our experiences or in our imagination. Higher guidance is always immediate and usually subtle and symbolic. We can feel the quality of the energy, its vibrations, and we know when we feel expansive and joyful.

If we focus on the emotional quality of the energy of our heart, we will always be fearless and compassionate. This is high-vibration energy. It attracts energetic alignment throughout our body, down to the atoms and molecules. All will vibrate in resonance, and we will feel wonderful, in our natural state of Being.

With the increasing vibratory resonance of the Earth, all consciousness on this planet is being attracted to higher-vibration living. In order to continue to live here, humanity is raising the frequency of its energy signature through increasing awareness of joy and peace. This is happening because more and more of us are realizing that the game of 3D is ending, and we intend to enter a higher dimension of living.

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