Documented Dangers of 5-G Wireless Frequencies

Here’s the link to the tests on 5-G reported in the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy

Volume 231, Issue 1, May 2005, Pages 1-14


Here is the graph of the impact of 5-G on the oxygen molecule:

All of the frequencies lower than 60 GHz, which is the frequency of 5-G, are not oxygen-absorbent, but at 5-G nearly all of the oxygen is absorbed and split into single oxygen atoms from O2 oxygen molecules. Thus the oxygen molecules are absorbed and disappear. The 60GHz frequency causes the electrons in the oxygen molecule to rotate at high speed, destabilizing the oxygen molecule and resulting in splitting the molecule. This makes the oxygen unavailable to be attracted to the iron atoms in human hemoglobin and can result in sudden organ failure in all living beings. By changing the spin of the electrons in the oxygen molecules, 60-GHz frequencies make oxygen not bioavailable to our hemoglobin. The resulting hypoxemia (low oxygen count in the blood) shows all the symptoms attributed to Covid-19. They vary from person to person. The most common hypoxemia symptoms are:

· Changes in the color of your skin, ranging from blue to cherry red

· Confusion

· Coughing severely or continuously

· Fast heart rate, then slow heart rate, as the heart begins to fail

· Rapid breathing with inability to speak or cry because of breathing trouble

· Sweating

· Gasping for breath

· Sudden organ failure

Here is the telecom companies’ description of 5-G at

Safety of 60GHz V-band

Is 60GHz Safe to use? There is currently significant disinformation posted by “5G protesters” about 5G & 60GHz on the internet: Some posts even link directly to this very page, claiming “proof” of their unscientific and zero-evidence claims. This page clearly demonstrates the opposite: 60GHz IS PERFECTLY SAFE – and here’s why:

  1. Low Power: these 60GHz radios transmit at only 10mW (10 milliwatts, or 1/100 of a Watt) RF power, which is just 1/20 the power of a standard cellphone. Unlike your cellphone which you place right next to your head – V-band radios are mounted outdoor areas away from people, and use very low power directional beams.

  2. Compare this with a TV mast: Crystal Palace in London currently transmits digital terrestrial Television at over 1200kW (1.2 MEGAWATT, or 1,200,000 watts), and has been transmitting TV since 1956. That is 120 MILLION TIMES more power than a V-band 60GHz radio, and transmitting for over 60 years. Did you hear “5G protesters” complaining about TV transmitters? No, because there’s no widespread history of health effects over 60 years .

  3. Oxygen. Some “5G conspiracy” posts state: “This causes Oxygen to not bind well to blood hemoglobin causing the body to become Oxygen starved (hypoxia)” This statement is unscientific. The ultra low power 60GHz signals do not even penetrate human skin. The signals are partly reflected and partly absorbed by the skin, preventing them entering the body and cannot cause the claimed effect. There is NO scientific study which will back up this claimed hypoxia effect on the human body. The “5G protesters” NEVER provide any, because there is no publication or science that would agree with their unscientific claims – it’s simply not impossible.

  4. Water. The human body is around 60% water. 60GHz – like all microwave signals – is highly absorbed by water. After your skin, water in your own body blocks any remaining signals even further. The power levels are so low that the effect is unmeasurable: your own body generates over 100 Watts of heat all on it’s own even when resting. Note that “5G conspiracists” never mention this.

  5. 60GHz has already been used for decades: 60GHz radios have been used commercially since 2001, and for other applications since the 1990’s, in many cities worldwide. Long before 5G was even dreamed up, Point-to-Point radios all over the world have used 60GHz band now for decades. There have been NO reported health issues from 60GHz during ALL of this time, no protests, and no studies suggesting that they could, or would cause any harm.

Here are some corrections to their safety claims. (1) Power doesn’t matter, as shown in this report, only frequency matters, even at very low power. See the report from the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. (2) Same reasoning as above. Power is of no consequence, only frequency, which in this case is below 60 GHz, making this claim inapplicable. (3) Apparently the telecom companies’ have not read the report from the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 5-G directly causes hypoxia due to its absorption of oxygen, which means super-energizing the electrons, causing the molecule to change into its component atoms. (4) 60 GHz frequency transmissions act the same as a 2.4 GHZ microwave oven on water, but the power impact of the 5-G transmissions is low enough to be small. This observation makes this claim realistic, but it’s still not applicable. We’re not so much concerned with raising our body temperature as we are with the bioavailability of oxygen. (5) There has been very limited use of these frequencies, and they have not been tested scientifically until recently. We now know that any 60 GHz transmission will absorb oxygen. The fact that there has been limited use of these frequencies for many years does not mean that they have been without ill effects.

The symptoms of 5-G illness are essentially the same as the symptoms of hypoxemia, which are also the symptoms of COVID-19.

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