Discerning Between Ego Mind and Intuition

Upon incarnation we begin developing our ego consciousness. We also arrive with our intuitive knowing. These are not the same, and many of us learn to rely upon our mental processes of ego consciousness to make our way through human life. Unlike our ego mind, our intuition does not intrude on our awareness. It requires our recognition.

We develop our ego consciousness as a result of our feeling of separation from the Source of our Being. We feel alone and vulnerable. We become fearful, not really knowing what challenges will confront us or how to react successfully to all of the threats. We form beliefs about our limited abilities and the duration of our lives. We resign ourselves to believing in our ultimate demise. In our ego mind we inhabit a spectrum of low-frequency energy that in its essence is destructive to life. This is what we came to this planet to experience and to find out what it feels like, so that we can develop deeper compassion.

If we decide to take a few deep breaths and step back mentally and emotionally, so that we can observe ourselves in our situations, it becomes possible for us to search for a deeper meaning in life. In our innermost Being we already know everything about life. This knowing is our intuition. It is our essential Being beyond time and space. It is part of our multidimensionality, which the ego mind cannot grasp, but which we can realize.

When we allow ourselves to resolve our fears and limiting beliefs, we can open ourselves up to higher vibrations. We can feel love and joy emanating from the heart of our Being, symbolized by the energy of our physical heart, which lives only to enliven us and enhance our lives. This is our clue to recognize our intuitive knowing. It is high-vibration life-enhancing energy that feels wonderful and confident in our eternal Being.

In this life we need both our ego and our intuition. Our ego is always present and must be trained to allow our intuitive awareness. In recognizing and following our intuitive knowing, our lives become inspired and open to our essential Being as aspects the universal consciousness of the Creator of all.

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