Directing Our Personal Evolution

Humanity is moving into two different paths in the evolution of our consciousness. One is an expansion of our natural awareness and the other is an adaptation to technological enhancement. The technological path involves artificial intelligence to largely replace aspects of our subconscious. It can greatly enhance our physical and mental abilities, but it is limited to the energetic boundaries of the empirical world. It has no emotion and has diminishing life force, because technology is an extension of our own being. All of the life force for a cyborg being must come from the diminishing presence of the naturally created human. The cyborg has no sense of self-realization and is not aware of the origin of its life force or having a conscious connection with higher-frequency vibrations. As the natural human fades into non-being in this path, the awareness of the emotional quality of life disappears. It is precisely the emotional quality that guides the way in the expansion of our natural awareness.

The expansion of our consciousness into infinite awareness is felt in our emotional being as we move into higher and higher vibrations of the energy patterns that we can focus upon. Our imagination follows with creative ideas for living. We can project our desire for higher-vibration energy patterns, which we will attract from a perspective of joy and gratitude for our present being. This perspective is a high-frequency energy pattern, which we radiate into the quantum field, attracting resonant energy patterns that become our experiences. This is an expression of our natural creative ability to modulate the energy waves in our present awareness, creating the quality of our experiences.

As we clear our emotional being of our limiting beliefs about our identity, we can practice and learn to be just present awareness, unconstrained by the body and human identity. We can remove our focus from everything and just be aware, preferably while grounded on the Earth in nature. We can begin to feel the energies around us and align our emotional awareness. All the energies and feelings are within our own consciousness.

By focusing on something from a negative or positive perspective, we give it our life force and enhance our experience of that quality of energy. Every challenge has a lesson for us. When we meet each challenge from a perspective of compassionate understanding, we bring the energy of the challenge into alignment with us, changing the experience. We are modulating the energy. This is our natural creative ability.

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