Developing Deep Understanding

It is possible for us to realize the pure conscious connection with the Source of our Being. Through our inner search for the feeling of unconditional love and life-enhancing creativity that is constantly present in the inspiration arising from the heart of our being, we can be present in transparent awareness. We can become fully conscious of our eternal Self, our always present awareness without limitation, having infinite creative power.

Our ego-consciousness cannot fathom this, because it is bound by its nature to believe in limitation. Our unlimited Being is beyond our conception, yet, if we go deep enough into our intuitive knowing, we can understand that it is true. In our human roles, we are players in a game that we designed and directed to give us realistic experiences to expand our consciousness into the negative polarity of fear, and then to learn how to realize that we have confined ourselves within a compartment of consciousness, limited by our beliefs about ourselves.

When we choose to explore the limits of our consciousness in intentional ways, we can examine our beliefs. Do our beliefs benefit us? Do they contribute to the enhancement of our lives? If it is possible to be unlimited, why should we choose to be limited? Resolution is possible through our intuition. If we can align ourselves with feelings of freedom, joy, and gratitude, we can become sensitive to our intuitive knowing, which arises out of the conscious life force that we constantly receive from universal consciousness.

When we can change our focus from negative energy patterns, that are limiting and life-diminishing, to positive, unlimited and life-enhancing energetic scenarios, we become masters of our human lives, because we can understand the game and be guided by our intuitive knowing. There is nothing keeping us from full realization of our true Being, except our self-imposed beliefs and with no desire to expand our awareness into the consciousness of the Creator, which we are created to do and be. Beyond our humanity we are wondrous Beings, and we can embody the thoughts and feelings of the Creator as we know and feel them in ourselves intuitively.

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