Developing Cosmic Consciousness

We are unlimited Beings of conscious awareness. We can manifest as persons in any dimension, but the persons are each only one expression of our Self. Our Self has unlimited consciousness, and personhood is one of many of our possible expressions. Our persons living as humans are one of our expressions. As fractals of the Creator consciousness, we are free to think and feel however we want.

Our Self has given us a compartment of energy patterns to experience and create within. It is the empirical world. We have all been left with our own boundaries and preferences in order to have the kind of experiences that guide us and challenge us to evolve multi-dimensionally. We must learn how to resolve all negative-polarity, low-vibrational frequencies abiding within. This may be a difficult endeavor. It is where we wrestle with our angelic Self and is what causes us to suffer and to begin to close ourselves off from our life force.

We maintain a certain darkness hidden within. We need to become aware of these low-vibration energy patterns that we’re hanging onto. Once we can recognize them, we can realize that we are able to change the resonance of these false perspectives through being compassionate and loving toward the energetic patterns of experiences that we are facing.

We can feel and imagine ourselves as infinitely powerful Creators. Just feeling as if we are in this state of awareness is a powerful experience. If we do this often enough, we become able to believe in its reality, and it becomes real for us. This is the direction of the rising resonant frequencies of the Earth and of humanity. We are learning what is true in all aspects of life. Human consciousness is expanding into a higher dimension of energetic patterns. It is a realm of positive polarity, high-frequency living of love and joy. We can feel really good in every moment.

We can become masters of life on this planet and in other dimensions. Since everything that we experience is patterns of electromagnetic waves, we can open our awareness to a larger spectrum of energetic patterns. Our awareness is limited by our own beliefs and intentions. These we can examine for their quality of energy. We can then resolve them from a perspective of compassionate wisdom. This is how we can free ourselves from the boundaries of human consciousness and enter a reality of wondrous joy and goodness.

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