Developing a New World

We are collectively throwing off the yoke of enslavement that has plagued humanity for eons. Individually we can’t change the structure of human experience on Earth, but we can change the quality of our own experiences. Prior to our incarnation we agreed to participate in an artificial reality that we all recognize as real. We have created boundaries and limitations to our awareness in order to have the full experience of fear and deprivation and all of the low-frequency energy that we live with. Now it is time for us to transform it all, drop our self-imposed limitations and open our conscious awareness to our true Being and recognize the reality of universal consciousness.

Quantum physics has been helpful in developing a rational, objective basis for understanding the nature and essence of everything we observe and think about. What has been mysterious has become mathematically provable. Universal consciousness is the basis of everything that exists. Everything is conscious right down to the tiniest sub-atomic particles, which have shown us that they know when they’re being observed, can be in more than one place at the same time, and know what each one of the same wave/particles know anywhere in the universe. Their essence is beyond time and space. What does this tell us about ourselves?

Our bodies are constructed of conscious electromagnetic waves/particles. They are expressions of our conscious Being, which is so much more that we have realized. What we recognize through our attention are quantum-field wave patterns that stimulate feelings in us, and that become material in our experience. At the same time our focus is creating new experiences for us, because our thoughts and feelings resonate with energy patterns in the vacuum fluctuation. Through our focus, life force flows through us to modulate the energy patterns in our realization. The qualities of these modulated energy patterns determine the quality of our lives. As we focus on high-frequency emotions and scenarios that we create of love, compassion and inner joy, we raise the vibrations of our personal energy signatures, raising the quality of our lives to a higher spectrum of energy with more love, peace, joy, abundance and freedom.

From the perspective of compassionate wisdom, we can participate in raising the quality of energy of humanity. It is from this perspective that we, as the representatives of humanity, can create new government and finance that serve higher vibrations of experiences.

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