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Developing a New Perspective

We may realize the fullness of who we are as pure awareness beyond time and space, knowing our own identity and realizing our own energy field, within the all-encompassing consciousness of the Being who creates everything.

For our ego-consciousness, this perspective is impossible to believe, because the ego has no access to higher guidance. Our ego needs limits and separation from the Source of our Being, always seeking security and being in some level of fear. We have been afraid to give to others beyond our perceived means. We’ve been afraid we might get sick or hurt, afraid or angry that we may be threatened or further enslaved. As long as we have fear, we are in our ego-consciousness and are terminally limited in our expectations.

Being in fear is a choice. It is not required. It is only a reaction, and when it is maintained, it becomes a state of being, even on a low level. Fear is the opposite polarity from love, and it makes love impossible, because we cannot be negatively polarized and be able to act in a positive way. We can pretend and even convince ourselves that we’re being positive, but if we have any fear, love is impossible.

It is a great challenge to choose to be only positive, and to transcend ego-consciousness. It requires a powerful intention and a willingness to enter the unknown realm of love without fear or doubt. It is beneficial to develop sensitivity to our intuitive guidance, which is our inner knowing of what we are being drawn to pay attention to, and how to feel about it and imagine it.

We can confidently assure our ego-identity that everything is being attended to, and that we are being well-cared for. This is how Creator Consciousness works. Everyone is always provided for in a way that enhances our Being, so that we may be increasingly creative in love, joy. abundance and freedom. As we are able to expand our awareness, we become able to realize our unlimited Self as our reality.

In quantum energetics, we could conceptualize the expression of our true Being as positively polarized and completely open to every encounter in unconditional love and great wisdom, recognizing the inner light of everyone, and interacting on a positive, high-vibratory level, even with those who do not know they have any light. This is all done telepathically, but we may choose to involve our sense-expressions as well.

Our life is a result of what we believe is real for us personally, and for those who are in alignment with us. We can learn to live in unconditional love, with infinite awareness, which we may remember as our natural state of Being.

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