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Destiny or Free Will?

A challenge for those who are awakening to our true selves is gaining the confidence to know that we can create whatever we want. It’s difficult for many to even consider that we have created on some level every experience we’ve ever had, and we’re creating right now what we will experience. We are designed to be creators, because we are of same essence as our Creator. We share the same consciousness and the same unconditional love flowing as life force into our hearts.

What we create is our quality of life. Because everything is energy, each of us has a unique energy signature that reflects the vibrations of our thoughts, intentions and emotions, both conscious and subconscious, including all of our deepest, darkest, hidden, low-frequency emotions. These all have to be transformed into high-frequency emotions of love and joy, the energy of our soul. The way we get there is to intend to feel joy and compassion, forgiveness and love. The more powerful our intention, the more powerfully we attract experiences that provide these feelings.

As low-vibration experiences arise, we face them directly and in truth. Often they are a result of ancestral or ancient trauma held subconsciously. They are constructs of ego that were meant to protect our self-consciousness from further trauma. Perceived from a perspective of compassion, we can forgive ourselves for creating these self-images of victimhood and enslavement. We can love our ego for its protective intentions. Once we have reconciled ourselves with the truth of our deepest fears for survival and pain, we can withdraw our life force from them, dissolving their threats into their true essence of nothingness. We shift our attention to the love vibration, transforming the dark energy.

Having come to terms with the depth of our being, we are free to expand our awareness to a new and beautiful level of thought and emotion. With our intention to be only loving and joyful in every situation, we are drawn to realize the essence of our Creator, which constantly gives us vitality and guidance. Our lives miraculously change into expressions of brightness, freedom and abundance.

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