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Designing and Creating our Reality

The great force of life that fills the cosmos expresses Itself through us. We are the energy modulators for the creation of everything we experience. Through our conscious perspective, our mental and emotional energetic alignment, we feed our life force to whatever entity and energetic pattern that we engage with. It is a simple process. By imagining ourselves as separate from those we consider evil, we create separation and enmity. By imagining ourselves in unity with all and aligning ourselves with unconditional love, we create a world of kindness and compassion.

This may seem impossible to our ego consciousness, and our experience in the world may consider this to be foolishness. How can we not resist and punish those who diminish and destroy our empirical lives and expect that anything good could come of our interactions? It is a matter of understanding how energy works and what Jesus meant when he instructed us to turn the other cheek.

In resisting evil, we must engage it on its own level of consciousness, its polarity and vibratory level. We cannot defeat it there, because it is the natural expression of that level of consciousness. We can, however, transform it in our experience by accepting it with compassionate wisdom and asking to know the highest-conscious response within our innermost Being and the energy of our heart. Here we are in a natural state of joy and gratitude for our entire Being. Circumstances will arrange themselves to accommodate our state of Being. Our potential is unlimited, creative Being.

We can no longer be completely limited to the energetic spectrum of traditional humanity. It happens in our alignment with life-enhancing energies, those that have a positive polarity and high vibrations. These are the natural energies of our true Being in our expanded state. They are the feelings of love, gratitude and joy. We are capable of being in this level of consciousness through our intention and devotion to truth on all levels.

The negative energies will just fade into another dimension. This is the veil that humanity is awakening through. As more of us withdraw our life force from negative, low-vibratory thoughts and feelings, we can focus on the highest energies we can engage and align with. This is an individual and unique process for each of us. We can do it with our thorough and true intention. We know all of this deep within. This attracts compatible energetic patterns that provide the quality of our experiences.

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