Deepest Love in Infinite Being

In the spectrum of human energy that we have chosen to inhabit, we have developed beliefs that keep us from wandering outside of our accepted energetic patterns. We’ve learned to focus on frequencies that stimulate discomfort and fear, even though this is not what we want.

We may feel that we want more abundance, but this can result in containing ourselves in low-frequency energy. Even the most successful among us often indulge in financial investments, such as the stock, bond and commodities markets, which are zero-sum games, in which someone who gains does so at the expense of someone who loses. We try to outwit each other in competitive strategies. We cannot all get ahead in zero-sum investments. Even investing in things that increase in monetary value due to inflation is theft from everyone else who depends upon the constant value of the currency. It appears that we cannot be successful without stepping on someone on the other side of our position. Social status is another way of gaining success at the expense of the less successful, and they are given life force by those who hold them in a higher status. This inherently feels like low-vibration energy. There is another way, and it depends on miraculous happenings.

Celebrities receive a tremendous amount of life force in front of thousands of adoring fans. This is the scale of life force that we all have available ourselves, once we are completely in the flow with the energy spectrum at the heart of our Being. This is where our awareness begins in complete clarity. The more we search and strive for inner clarity, the more balanced and objective we become. The objective here is to continue to pay attention to vibrations that feel like love and abundance, regardless of anything we may be experiencing among humanity. When we can maintain this focus, without any attraction to low-vibration intrusions, we become observers, as our life decisions are guided by the intuition from the source of our awareness.

The I behind our awareness is our true essence, the source of our conscious life. In the vibrations of our true Self, we experience the most wonderful ecstasy of Being in eternal, unconditional love and joy. These are our natural vibrations and are very comfortable for us. Once we have left fear-based vibrations behind and are no longer influenced by their frequency patterns, we can naturally live in abundance in every way. We believe and know that we are constantly creating the qualities of our reality by where we direct our life force through our attention and emotional alignment. In our clarity, we can know in our intuition everything we want to know and imagine. The energy patterns that we choose to focus upon also receive our emotional alignment. This alignment creates the vibration of our personal energy signature. It is the expression of our true Self filtered through out beliefs. Without beliefs in our limitations, we can realize the unlimited conscious Self-Awareness of our Creator.

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